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Poultry Machineries & Dairy Equipments

EGG Incubator (Kerosene Operated), Chicken Feathering Machine, Cream Separators (Hand Driven & Electric Driven), Butter Churner (Hand Driven & Electric Driven), Milking Machine , Bulk Milk Coolers,Automatic Milk Vending Machine, Milk Cans ( Plastic, Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel)....

All the above machineries Designs and specifications given below are subject to change with out notice.

"BOSS" EGG Incubator (Kerosene Operated)


Our Egg Incubators are the best for 99% result i.e, you can easily get good healthy chicks exactly on 21st day.

- Simple and easy to handle
-No need electricity
-Kerosene powered
-No need skilled labours

Available capacities: 60 eggs, 150 eggs & 450 eggs

Ideal for use it in the villages, where there is no electricity and those who wants to do buisness with economically cost machineries


EGG Incubator - 150

EGG Incubator - 450
"BOSS" Chicken Feathering Machine

Easily you can feathering the Chicken without any damage by the machine

Available capacities: 4 to 6 Chicks and 8 to 10 Chicks.


Chicken Feathering Machine
"BOSS" Cream Separators (Hand Driven)


Cream Separators (Hand Driven) table model with complete SS Bowl and Bowl disc, SS Spout Set.

Suitable to separate the cream hygienically from the milk.

Available Capacities and Models: 60, 100, 165, 225, 325, 425 & 550 litres P/Hr.


Hand Driven- 24.2
Hand Driven- 24.14
Hand Driven- 24.17
"BOSS" Cream Separators (Electric Driven)

Cream Separators (Electric Driven) - Electric Attachment Model with motor single phase or three phase. Complete with heavy base plate and auto speedfully.

Suitable to separate the cream hygienically from the milk.

Available Capacities and Models: 60, 165, 225, 325, 425, 550, 750, 1000, 2000 & 3000 Litres P/Hr.


Electric Driven - 24.3
Electric Driven - 24.20
Electric Driven - 24.25.01
"BOSS" Butter Churner (Hand Driven)


Butter Churner Model 26.4

Barel Capacity 60 Litres with input - Output door, Sight Glass, Air Discharge Nipple, Drain Outlet and mounted on MS Stand.

Suitable to extract Butter from the Milk

Available Capacities: 20, 60 & 90 Litres P/ Hr.

Electric Driven Model: Butter Churner Stainless Steel Electrically driven, Having....... Litres Capacity SS Barel of AISI 304 quality with input - Output Door, Sight Glass, Air Discharge Nipple, Drain Outlet Complete With Water Spray Rod, variable Speed Drive, Gear Box mounted on mild steel strong frame AC 220/440 volts......Hp Single/Three Phase

Suitable to extract Butter from the Milk

Available Barel Capacities: 150, 250 & 500 Litres


Hand Driven - 26.4
"BOSS" Milking Machine

Milking Machine with 1 can and Clusters Assembly Floor/Trolley Mounted, with high quality components like Pulsator, Set of Liners, Set of Teat Cups, Milk Claw and Vaccum Controller

Available Capacities and Models: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Cans in floor and trolley models

Milking Machine
"BOSS" Bulk Milk Cooler (Direct Expansion)

Bulk Milk Cooling Tank Model 35.1 (Open Tank Round shape)

Bulk Milk Cooling Tank ( Bulk Coolers 250 Litres Direct Expension Cooling Tank (Open Tank Round shape) Capacity 250 Litres. Has large opening Lids for easy access and rounded internal Corners, to Facilitate thorough cleaning Tank Insulation is Provided by factory injucted by Polyuroethane Foam of 50mm. The integral condensing units is hermetic type with R22 refrigerant.

This cooler is suitable to reduce the temperature from 30 C to 4C with in 3 Hrs

Bulk Milk Cooling Tank (Bulk Cooler)35.2 (Open Tank Semi Cylinderical Rectangular Shape)

Direct Expansion cooling Tank (Open Tank Semi Cylinderical Rectangular Shape) Capacity 500 Litres. Has large opening lids for easy Access and rounded internal corners, to facilitate thorough cleaning. Tank insulation is provided by factory injucted polyuroethane foam of 50mm. The integral contensing units is hermetic type with R22 refrigerant

Suitable to reduce the temperature from 35 Cto 4 C with in 3 hours.

Open Tank Round Shape
Open Tank Semi Cylinderical Rectangular shape
"BOSS" Automatic Milk Vending Machines for Loose Milk

Single Delivery - FRP - Electronic - Push Button 200 L Model 3.10

200 Litre Capacity FRP Light Weight insulated tank, with Electronic Button Operated, Single delivery point, can be placed in dealer/agent shop

Milk Vending machine
"BOSS" Milk Cans

Aluminium Alloy Milk Can Model 1.1

One piece hygienic Construction no spillage, easy draining, Built in Durablity, Corrosion Proof, Sturdy Handles, Precision Engineered Maintained Quality

Available Capacities: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 Litres

Stainless Steel Milk Cans 304 Quality

Stainless Steel Milk Cans, Hygienic construction strong and sturdy body, Corrosion Proof and Crack Resistence, Easy to Clean well finished with Mushroom type Lid

AvailableCapacities: 20, 30 & 40 Litres

Plastic Milk Can Model 1.40

Plastic Seamless double walled milk cans made from virgin Polyethylene in Multi-layers Construction with steel handles on outerwall of can hence hygienic and strong

Aluminium Alloy Milk Can
Stainless Steel Milk Can

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